About Us

Get to know Aren Auditing and SMMM A.Ş. better…

Aren was founded by professionals with national and international experience for purposes of independent auditing, tax consultancy, finance and accounts, financial law, corporate management, budgeting and managerial reports, human resources and private company training.

The partners, managers and employees of Aren have built their careers in the world's largest auditing and advising companies known as the “Big 4” and the leading corporate groups of Turkey. Their experience and expertise earned during their long years in the business, enables them to provide, to their clients, quick services of quality; that provide value and positive results.

Aiming to be more than a traditional auditing and financial advising company, Aren creates a difference for its clients by building its values on;

  • Providing professional and high quality solutions and supporting their clients in this environment of competition that has moved from a national to an international sphere.
  • Providing practical, understandable and productive services instead of incomprehensible, impractical and unproductive services.
  • Providing partnership with our experience to our clients for healthy growth and sustainable corporate systems.
  • Providing timely services to our clients by correct planning in an environment where workforce, capital, commodities and services move in minutes and where saving time is valuable, thanks to the great development created by technology and logistics.
  • Providing trustworthy and correct information to our clients by using the best methods of communication in an environment where the internet and similar communication means create a limitless sharing of information and, likewise, incorrect information too.