With Our Professional Staff
We provide services in fields such as Auditing, Tax Consulting, Financial Law, Corporate Governance, Human Resources, and Special Training for Companies.
Corporate Governance,
Provides solutions for
competitiveness needs of the SMEs.
Corporate Risk Management System,
Contributes to the sustainability of
Internal Control System and Internal
Auditing for companies.
Ethics and Compliance Management System;
It is no longer a luxury for companies;
it is a requirement.
Performance Management System;
Increases the value of the Human
Resources department alongside
structures such as Talent, Education
and Career Management.

Agenda & News

Our partner was appointed to the BoD of TÜRMOB

Emre Kartaloğlu (CPA), one of the Aren partners, will serve as a member of the BoD in the next term.

Aren supported the Bilgi University Certificate Program

Dr. Mehmet Ali Demirkaya gave a training on 3rd Party Due Diligence for the Ethics and Compliance Program, which was a joint venture by TEİD&Bilgi University.

We participated in PERYÖN's 16th World Congress on People Management

Our partner İpek Aral, acted as a moderator on the session named The Agenda brought about by Immigration. She shed some light on immigration issues.