On Audit Structure and Financial Transparency we are building a structure ...

At the Advisory Services at Aren, we provide solutions for our client's growth, development of business strategies, management of corporation risks, improvement of corporate performance and the realization of targeted projects with our team of professionals all experts in their fields. Our firm not only provides its clients with solutions to the requirements but also approaches each requirement individually.

In a business world where competition is getting tougher each day; we provide services for the development of short and long term strategies, enabling the appropriateness and adequacy of the company's means and infrastructure, building and management of healthy systems and processes, protection against operational and financial risks and internal auditing of the corporation by:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Human Resources Advisory Services
  • Budgeting and Reporting
  • Turkish Commercial Code Compliance Services
  • Strategic Advisory to Board of Directors
  • Advisory Pertaining to The Local Legislations
  • Corporate Financing and Financial Planning
  • Internal Auditing and Internal Controls Advisory
  • Management of Operational and Financial Risks
  • Restructuring