On Audit Structure and Financial Transparency we are building a structure ...

As Aren tax professionals, we believe that we have a duty to engage in the discussion and debate surrounding Tax Transparency and Responsibility. As the tax strategies of multinationals and domestic companies continue to be examined by both tax authorities and the public alike, we work with our clients to develop tax strategies that are fit for purpose in the tax system of tomorrow.

As of today, our team of responsible tax advisors, consisting of many professionals, 30 of which are partners, directors and managers, provides a wide range of services designed to provide effective tax compliance and advice, aiming to give your business a competitive advantage both in local and international context.

At Aren, we provide tax certification, audit and consultancy services on a local and global scale. Using our in-depth experience and knowledge, we are providing competitive analyses and alternative solutions to our clients while offering them services in terms of compliance to financial legislation.

Tax certification simply means that a sworn financial advisor (SFA) carries out a tax audit of the company and certifies the tax returns. The tax certification system significantly decreases any erroneous practices that may surface during an inspection by the Ministry of Finance. In addition, although tax certification is not mandatory, companies having their tax returns certified by a SFA are considered as having been audited by the public authorities, and unless there is a serious claim for any form of wrong doing, their accounts are not audited by the tax inspectors. The scope of tax certification can be summarized under three headings: fieldwork, tax certification, tax calculation and reporting. We would like to point out that tax certification services not only serve to decrease the risk of undergoing a tax inspection but also help detect and correct erroneous tax implementations at an early stage. In addition, an important added value created by tax certification services is the tax planning opportunities identified and brought to the attention of management during the audit.

All kinds of consultancy services concerning VAT refund, VAT refund training, Preparation of lists on which VAT Refund is based, Determination of refund amounts, Preparation of SFA reports are carried out in this department with great care by our experienced staff consisting of CPAs, SFAs, experts and auditors.

Delivery of goods and services carried out in Turkey are subject to VAT. However, due to the fact that the goods deliveries, export registered deliveries, service exports, deliveries carried out within the scope of items brought by passengers and suitcase trading listed in Article 11, manufacturing and construction, and importation of sea, air and railway transportation vehicles, and services provided to these vehicles, services provided to sea and air transportation vehicles at ports and airports, delivery of machine and equipment referred in Investment Incentive Certificates listed in Article 13, international transportation activities listed in Article 14 are exempt from VAT, VAT paid for these activities in Turkey are refunded with a SFA report prepared following an inspection

Similarly, refunds arising from services and deliveries subject to partial withholding within the scope of Article 9 of VAT Law, and refunds concerning deliveries carried out pursuant to the provisions of international agreements within the scope of Article 19/2, and refunds arising from deliveries and services subject to reduced rate within the scope of Article 29/2 can be received with a SFA report.

The procedures listed above, other exemptions which result in refund rights pursuant to the VAT Law, and preparation of the SFA reports which are necessary for the cancellation of the deferment of VAT in the domestic transactions carried out within the scope of inward processing authorization certificate are also among our services. During the course of the refund of the VAT;

In order for the companies who can receive VAT refund in cash or on account to request refund, the lists which are separately determined for each kind of refund as per VAT implementation general communiqué must be prepared according to the system format determined by the Revenue Administration, and uploaded to the internet tax office system. The preparation of the SFA reports following the preparation of the said lists, determination of refund amounts, subsidiary company audits, cross audits, and analytical audits are also carried out by our department.

Some of our VAT services are

  • Regulation of the relations between the taxpayer and the tax office during the VAT refund process within the framework of the arrangements established by the tax office and included in the regulations.
  • Preparation and conclusion of CPA reports required for in cash or on account refund transactions in a timely manner.
  • Provision of consultancy services concerning the resolution of the problems encountered during Companies' VAT refund and offsetting transactions.
  • Determination of return amounts, VAT list to be deducted from the lists upon which the refund is based, the uploaded VAT list, sale invoices list, customs declaration list, preparation of the calculation table in the system format and its uploading into the system.
  • Elimination of the defects detected in the VAT refund control reports.
  • Preparation of special-purpose reports to be requested by the tax office.
  • Preparation of SFA reports concerning deferment cancellation or refunds within the scope of inward processing authorization certificate
  • Provision of training regarding the procedures and principles concerning all VAT refund types, and the matters and priorities to be considered in relation to refunds.
  • Provision of consultancy services to tax payers subject to special provisions.
  • Certification of the payment of the previous capital
  • Certification of investment allowance